Notable Trainers | Orion Trading Academy

Introducing our Orion Trainers

All trainers bring together experts and well-known scholars in various fields of global financial markets. They have rich, professional experience and broad vision, along with a comprehensive and profound understanding of financial markets. They are able to impart market characteristics and personal experience to students from different perspectives of theory and practice.

Tonny Yu

Tonny Yu, with a robust 30-year career in finance, has made significant strides as a Forex Trader at the Bank of China and a Risk Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

With his expertise in foreign exchange investment and risk management, he has given over 400 speeches on investment and conducted advanced risk management training lectures for the China Banking Regulatory Commission. Highly respected in the field, Tonny has been featured in both Chinese and foreign media, offering expert opinions on key financial issues. Additionally, as a prolific writer and columnist for Wall Street China, he has published over 40 essays, papers, and chapters in books in both Chinese and English, showcasing his deep knowledge and insights into the financial world.

Peter Wu

Peter Wu is a seasoned professional in the financial market with a strong academic background, holding a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a Master of Actuarial Studies from the University of New South Wales.

With over 10 years of investment experience and more than 5 years of trading experience in the foreign exchange market, Peter has honed his expertise, particularly in short-term trading strategies. He has also made a significant impact as a trading instructor, where he has assisted hundreds of students in learning how to avoid and reduce risks in trading. His guidance emphasizes the importance of developing self-discipline in trading, a key factor in the success of his students in the volatile world of finance.

Colin Wei

Colin Wei has established a distinguished career in the financial sector, primarily as the Chief Investment Officer in Hedge Funds, where he is responsible for the investment decision-making and management of hedge funds in the global capital market.

He handles investments and risk management worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He provides personalized strategic planning and investment guidance to high-net-worth clients, aimed at growing their investment wealth. Colin’s extensive experience includes serving as the Chief Analyst for an overseas listed securities company and leading several renowned financial investment institutions in Australia. His expertise is further highlighted by his success in winning the ASX Sharemarket Game in Australia for three consecutive years. He is recognized in New Zealand’s largest Chinese media company and holds dual Master’s degrees in Economics and Applied Finance.

Star Shen

Star Shen, with his near-decade of expertise in market trading, stands as a cornerstone of the ORION Wealth Academy. His deep-seated knowledge and mastery of the Orion trading strategy have been pivotal in shaping the academy's success.

Star’s unique educational background in psychology gives him an unparalleled edge in understanding the intricacies of market behavior and trader psychology. This expertise enables him to adeptly address and analyze the challenges that students face in their daily trading, considering not just the technical aspects but also the psychological hurdles that impact trading decisions. Under Star’s insightful and dedicated leadership, the ORION Wealth Academy has flourished, becoming a nurturing ground for traders. The academy has proudly fostered dozens of traders, equipping them with the skills and mindset needed to achieve consistent, stable profits over several months. Star’s blend of trading acumen and psychological insight continues to be a driving force in the academy’s ongoing quest to develop proficient and successful traders.